Mackenzie & Aaron : Engaged

Mackenzie and Aaron are the sweetest couple, with the cutest story.  They actually grew up together and have known each other since they were little kids.  Their mom’s are best friends and after Mackenzie moved back to Spokane a couple of years ago finally sparks flew.

We had so much fun during their engagement session and can’t wait for their wedding in September!

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Bride’s Guide: What to Expect – Meeting with Photographers

Last week we went over how to narrow down your search for a wedding photographer.  I remember when I planned my wedding I was always nervous walking into meetings, because I never planned a wedding before so I was in totally new territory and had no idea what to expect.

Here is a little walkthrough on what to expect from your meetings so that you can rock these meetings, book your awesome photographer and celebrate checking one more thing off your wedding to-do list:\

  • Length of time: You should schedule out at least an hour for your meetings.  You want to make sure you have enough time to talk about your wedding day, ask any questions you might have and look through their samples and portfolio.
  • Location:  Some photographers have an office and if they do I suggest meeting there.  It will be quiet and set-up specifically to meet with their clients.  I know when we have clients come to our office it always seems like the meetings flow really well because there are no interruptions like you might have at a Starbucks.  If your photographer doesn’t have an office choose a coffee shop or restaurant, make sure it has adequate space to sit down and also to look through albums. 
  • Samples:  Your photographer should bring along samples of their work.  This might be in the form of a portfolio in an album or possibly on an iPad or they might bring along samples of the albums they offer.  I always bring along samples of all the albums that come in our wedding packages, so that my potential clients can see and feel what we offer.
  • Questions:  You should definitely ask any questions you might have, whether they be about their photography process, wedding packages or what they are passionate about.  The photographer you are meeting with should be straight forward and informative in their answers and also they should make you feel comfortable to ask your questions.
  • Connection:  This might seem somewhat intangible but you should expect to connect and really get along with the photographer you choose for your wedding day.  The initial meeting is where you discover if you enjoy being around this person.  This is super important, on a wedding day your photographer will be basically your shadow so make sure you are going to be comfortable with them being around all day.
  • Booking:  If you really connect with your photographer, love their work and have gone over their packages, feel free to book them at the meeting.  Expect to put down a deposit (so don’t forget your card or checkbook) and review and sign a contract to reserve your date.

Overall your meeting with your potential photographers should be easily and enjoyable.  You should be able to ask and get answers to all their questions, review their pricing and packages, go over the contract and look through beautiful samples of their work.  I hope this helps if you have any questions at all about expect leave me a comment below.

Bride’s Guide – Narrowing Down Photographers

Congratulations, he put a ring on it and now you’re going through the exciting, and let’s be honest the sometimes overwhelming process of planning your dream wedding day.  For many brides finding their wedding photographer is one of the most important parts but within minutes of jumping on google you you realize there are tons of photographers and most take beautiful pictures.

So how do you narrow down your search and figure out which photographers to set up meetings with?  Here are my tips for how to narrow down your photography choices and stay tuned next week for when I walk you through what to expect when you meet with potential photographers.

smiling bride standing in apple orchard

1)  Figure Out Your Style:  If I asked brides what their photography style is, most don’t really know, but it’s not really that hard to figure out.  Jump on Pinterest or even just do a google search for wedding images and start picking out photographs you love. After awhile some trends should emerge.  Are you drawn to the vintage muted look, or a more bold colorful style?  Do you keep picking out editorial images that look straight out of a magazine or are you drawn to the candid shots which look like the photographer captured a special, sacred moment.  Once you have an idea what type of photographs you are drawn to it will be much easier to wade through the sea of photographers on google.

bride and groom laughing together on their wedding day

2)  Ask Friends/Family:  Know a friend or family member who just got married love their photos?  Ask her who her photographer was?  Not only have you seen the end product already but your friend can tell you what it was like to work with that photographer on their wedding day.

bride laughing during her wedding ceremony

3)  Search local blogs:  Local blogs are a great resource to find elite photographers in your area.  Personally I love Apple Brides for the Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho area.  Look through their vendor lists and also check out their featured weddings to get a view into the type of weddings they photograph.

4) Gauge Your Camera Anxiety:  How comfortable are you in front of the camera? Don’t forget to think about your groom too, how comfortable is he with the camera?  If you have a little bit of camera anxiety think about going with a photographer who has a more candid, natural style that documents how the couple interacts.  It is much easier to interact with your groom, get lost in the moment and forget about the camera then take on a complicated pose and make it look natural…well unless you are both models😉

yellow, gray and white wedding details

5) Know Your Budget:  Have some idea of what you can spend on photography.  I suggest having a general number instead of a specific one, that way if you fall in love with someone who is a couple of hundred dollars more than you were anticipating you have the wiggle room to get them booked.

First dance of bride and groom with white lanterns overhead

6)  Read their “About” page:  Of course you will look through the beautiful galleries but don’t forget to read their “About” page.  It will give you a look into their personality and why they love wedding photography and you might find that you connect with someone.

Action Item:  Narrow it down to 3-5 photographers, contract them and set-up a meeting.

Next week I’m going to walk you through meeting with your potential photographers and what you can expect from that meeting.

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Alyssa & Steven – Downtown Spokane Engagement Session

On a brutally cold afternoon last month, Alyssa and Stephen came all the way up from Moscow for their engagement session.

We had so much fun working with them and they deserve some major props for keeping such lovely smiles on their faces despite the fact that the wind felt like a knife cutting right through you.

Still we’re happy any day that we get to hold our cameras and capture a beautiful couple in love.

Engagement photography downtown spokane alleyway

engagement photography in downtown spokane couple leaning against air vent

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Davenport Hotel Wedding Photography- Fianna & David – Spokane, WA

If you love classic elegance, Old Hollywood glamour and anything that sparkles, than pull up a chair because you are going to love this wedding.  We absolutely loved photographing every moment of Fianna and David’s wedding.  Fianna and David, our bride and groom, were so happy, in love and did an amazing job of giving their guests an unforgettable experience.  The bride’s mom Patty, created all the details and  did an incredible job of styling every piece of their wedding in the Davenport down to the tiniest detail.  Like seriously I could have spent hours running around taking photos of all of the little touches that put this wedding over the top, every time I turned around there was something else tucked away and the dessert bar was the coolest one I’ve ever seen.  Okay enough gushing, time for some images, enjoy!

Venue : The Davenport Hotel
DJ/Flipbook Booth : Amp’d Entertainment
Flowers : Bride’s mother put arrangements together
Food : The Davenport Hotel